Convert VHS to DVD!Video is quickly becoming the fastest media format online. People are uploading their family vacations and the best bloopers they can ‘find’ in their home library. Jealous?

Don’t be! You can get the technology savvy and power of VHS to DVD conversion in a simple USB device designed to make it easy for use. The Plextor PX-M402U is a USB 2.0 (40x faster than USB 1.0) device that simply connects with a single connection to your desktop. Your old VHS player or VHS camcorder connects to the small box with three simple connections – just like hooking up to your TV- and you are that much closer to digitizing your family memories.

Without the additional need for even more boxes, switches and miles of cable in your entertainment center, this device allows for a single box connected via USB to your computer and a single cable for connection to your playback device.

What could be easier!?

While the CD was originally expected to last hundreds of years, early CD-R users are reporting that their discs aren’t readable as they anticipated 10-15 years later, so keeping your memories off of tape is the first step you need to keep your memories digitally. And in digital format – on a hard drive or in the massive amounts of free online storage available.

There are a number of new video hosting sites which are ready to host your video for you for free as well. But the first step is to get this great Plextor Real-Time Digital Convertor. This device not only converts your video, but saves your hard drive space utilizing the DIVX (MP4) format – known for saving space and retaining original quality – so you’ll save space over a DV format and lots.

Head on over to today to get this great new product and start making your memories last forever…. digitally.