Help!Okay, it’s time to turn the tables and get your help to solving a problem emailed by a Tiger customer.

“TigerBlog: I am stuck and it’s never happened before. Quite savvy with a computer, but cannot get a webcam to work on my computer. Won’t install the USB driver for anything. Not 1, not 2 but 3 or more different cameras I’ve tried.

I’ve cleaned my registry, cleaned out every physical file I can find that isn’t necessary and no matter what, it won’t work. Any ideas? My latest attempt was with a Microsoft LifeCam VX3000 and I’m ready to pull my hair out (what’s left that is). Please, help me!

I’m using Windows XP Pro and no other video capture devices of anykind. Only a USB wireless keyboard/mouse connection; printer; and external hard drive.

Andy P.
Ford City, Pennsylvania

I have to admit, I’ve experienced a similar problem before and never fixed it, only gave up and got a new PC. I can’t use one on my current PC either. So, I can’t answer it, but I’m hoping that all the visitors can chime in and use the “Comment/Feedback” option to help this visitor (and me!) solve the problem of not being able to get a USB webcam to install.