The Yellow MachineCruising the web for the latest ‘hot gadget’ tonight, I stumbled across what I thought at first glance was a StanelyTM UPS or hold-your-breath a ruggedized Stanley branded, traditionally themed PC. But it is not.

“The Yellow Machine,” as it is offically named, isn’t even a PC, it’s a network storage device, and then some. It also can act as the entry point to your home or small office network with a built-in 8 port Ethernet hub, firewall and proxy server.

Our question

“Why does PC appearance matter? We’d like to know. We love the snappy cases with clear sides and lights for entertainment and the soft neon glow from under the desk, but in the end, if you are going to have super-cool cases – how do you showcase them?

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So, back to the “Yellow Box”…

And did we mention that it looks nice?

As far as appearances are concerned it look to be a cross between a Shuttle mini PC and a retro toaster, we like it.

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