Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

That is an understatement as it relates to the Internet. In today’s surge economy, savvy users expect MORE and if they don’t get it they will walk.

Someone once said:

“The web is a great resource for information on ANY subject”

This is no longer true. In fact, making that statement is equivalent to saying

“The Lamborghini Countach provides great shelter on a rainy day”.

Of course sitting in a Lamborghini on a rainy day will keep you dry but that is by far the least it can do.

The web is no longer a source of information because information only flows one way. These days’ users visit sites and expect to “interact”. They want to post comments or reply with a video, chat in realtime or video chat live. The web is now a two way street and if you are not in at the beginning of the curve, you will miss out on revenue as web savvy users naturally will migrate to social networks that offer great content and allow them to contribute and interact.

The very fact that I am able to add my two cents here in the Tiger Direct Blog is because TD acknowledges the value in providing a platform that gives “WE” the people a soapbox. This is New Millennium business at its best. The Internet has redefined the way the world does business and as it grows up and the next generation of users floods the workplace it will change even more. I appreciate the opportunity to impact thousands of people with the click of a mouse and I applaud TD for launching this blog (I am a long time customer of TD and I always check here first when looking for hardware).

The next step for this blog is to start streaming video and syndicate the feed. Maybe even a weekly show on new hardware and trends. I would LOVE to contribute content or become active in developing the channel.

So in the words of Ferris Bueller, Stop at this blog often and “Look Around” take it from the guy that had a computer 20 years ago, he may be a fictional character but I think he was onto something.

Keep up the great work TD and I will keep coming back for more!

Tom C.