jack1.jpgMy original password was just emailed to me:1ab8f24

This worries me because that’s also the combination of my breifcase! What do these TigerDirect people know that I don’t? I’ll show them. I just renamed my dog to ’1ab8f24′. Ha. Take that Tigerdirect police!

I just changed my middle name to ’1ab8f24′. This is so much fun. I think I may change my username to ’1ab8f24-studmuffin’. My dog just told me not to do that. He’s a good boy. I think he likes his name change. His name used to be ’63 61 74′.


Ed: Our system provides you quite unique passwords on account creation for security purposes. Too many people use ABC123 or password, so maybe this breaks that up a little. If you didn’t already find the option, you can change your p/w anytime in your User Settings.

Photo Credit: University of Colorado