Blogging in VistaFrustrated with your computing experience?  Vista may be the answer for you.

Today, I was able to finally get an upgrade on my now aging desktop.  This is a great new Systemax Venture PC, but the best part is – it’s totally Vista’d out!  With all the publicly available beta software, this machine is configured, from the ground up for the complete Vista experience.

Not available to the public, but as a means for me to experience the overall Vista immersion — well, it’s working.  First of all, the operating system is beautiful.  Simply incredible.  The inset photo does little justice to the clarity provided within the newly overhauled user interface.

Somethings are missing here and there that you may be used to in Windows XP, but I’m sure we will all adapt quickly.  Just beintg able to utilize this tool for my blogging has allowed me to better do so – with the interface seemingly making the words appear instantly in their final form… kinda cool.

If you haven’t done so yet, ensure your PC is ready for Windows Vista.  If not, get a new Vista Ready PC – best part is, any Systemax system purchased from this point forward will be eligible for a “Vista Express” upgrade upon it’s release.

For now, try to satisfy your cravings  by downloaiding the beta of Vista, Office and some of the new “Live” tools – it’s a totally new experience.