New Phishing Scam on the Prowl...The folks at PC Magazine have been on the lookout for the the top Phish of the week. This week’s entry is called REMEMBER and its prime target is Here’s what PC Magazine has to say about this nasty intruder:

Subject Line: Associates-Activate Your Account Now

Description: It’s interesting to see which little tricks phishers think will get the user to click through. The hook here is an old one: there are security problems on the site and everyone has to “update their profile.” This e-mail has a line of urgent-looking words across it: “REMEMBER! REMEMBER! REMEMBER! REMEMBER! REMEMBER!” This is meant to tell you that the company is there for you, but it just looks strange. If you click the “Click here to confirm your account” link you are brought not to, but to a page on (.lt is Lithuania). The page you are brought to is a classic fake Amazon login screen.

Recommended Action: Pay attention to the details in an e-mail and don’t follow the links. Instead, go to the site by typing in the URL or following your own bookmarks.