People have started to experiment with the utilization of RFID technology, specifically the implantation of RFID devices subcutaneously (under the skin) for utilization as personal identification, ie. logging into computer systems, access to secure areas, etc. There are even RFID chips in the currently issued US Passports.

Some feel that this RFID technology is whiz-bang cool, while others feel that it is a source of personal privacy exploitation, eliminating our existence to a digitized number – without which we cannot access anything. Remember the movie “Hackers?”

Here’s a video of someone turning on their PC with GINA code (GINA is a scripting language which allows alternative security device driver integration into Windows).

For those of you who wonder how this can be done, continue reading this story for more videos of the implantation of RFID devices and their potential uses.

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Getting the Chip and Using it Videos

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