simonyi200.jpgThat’s what the next space tourist Charles Simonyi might hear early next year. You may have heard of Charles Simonyi. He was born in Budapest, Hungary and after migrating to the US he attended University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. Simonyi worked for Microsoft from the early 1980s until 2002, when he left to create his own software company – International Software. While at Microsoft though, he help to develop Microsoft’s Word and Excel.

For the 8-day trip to the international space station, Simonyi is reportedly going to pay between 20 to 25 million. This past August, Simonyi passed the Government Medical Commission (GMK) – the pre-qualification medical exam. This coming March, Simony plans to board a Russian Soyuz spacecraft bound for the international space station. Now the question is – when can we buy a ticket online?