While we all prepare for the weekend ahead, try to set aside your time for the much needed cleaning up of your hard drive.  Yesterday, setting up a new computer, I was confronted with the task of moving all my files from the old system to the new.

Unfortunately, the old system is chock-full of files.  Multiple drives, backups and multiple pcs of files from older systems.  In short, I had a real mess. 

I consider myself pretty organized when it comes to filing on my PC, however over time I changed my ‘standard’ places and ended up with a big, ol mess.

Try to save yourself from the same hassles – as a new Windows Vista system may be in your future – and when it’s time to move, let’s hope you dont’ have to keep the old pc on the network just to get at all the files.  That’s the point to which I’ve arrived.  It’s just all over the place and I’m afraid I’m going to miss things.

Enjoy your weekend – from TigerDirectBlog!