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If you’ve ever been dumped at a “Star Trek” convention, hosted a LAN gaming party or kicked butt at Trivial Pursuit so many times that friends refuse to take out a board in your presence, chances are you might be a geek.

Stop rolling your eyes and sighing. You’re in good company. There’s Microsoft mogul Bill Gates, after all, and others, like actors Woody Allen and the ever-quirky John Cusack, who make being slightly odd seem cool.

For those unsure of their spot in the social pecking order, there’s a quiz floating around online that has math club members and gamers alike clicking hundreds of tiny boxes in the hopes of rising to geek god status.

In recent weeks the site was logging several thousand hits a day, according to its webmaster. The query offers several hundred questions that cover everything from writing fan fiction to joining Mensa to the finer points of Linux.

At the end, those who complete the test can click on a “rank my geekiness” button to learn their score, which is, of course, carried out to the fifth decimal point. Those who score highest can join a Geek Hall of Fame.

Want to see how geeky you are? click here.

Source: Mobile Register