UbuntuVista is coming out. I’ve been able to avoid XP up to now, running 2K at home and work. Since Microsoft is coming out with IE 7, it looks like I’ll have to leave 2K behind at work and shoot up to Vista. The question is, at home, should I go Ubuntu?

For home use, I’m beginning to take a serious look at Ubuntu. I change hardware configurations all the time, and really don’t want to waste my time proving to Microsoft that I’m not a pirate. I’ve done a little remote SSH on Linux servers, so have a touch of experience with the Linux command prompt. On the other hand, I design web sites and play games at home.

For my personal site, I could care less if IE users can’t access it. However, I can’t be quite so cavalier when it comes to client sites. My hope is that browser emulation sites will quickly include IE 7. Another alternative is WINE, which I’ve yet to research.

My intent is to post my experiences with taking the Linux plunge. Maybe it’ll help others who are considering the switch. Maybe not. We’ll see.