OneTrueMediaI ran across a site called

It’s fast, easy web-based video editing/sharing. And I kind of love it. Here’s how it works: From the onetruemedia site, you can upload video clips and/or still images and arrange them into a “montage” or short video. Pick music from onetruemedia’s library and, well…that’s about it.

The system automatically adds transitions, lays in the music and creates a final cut for you to view, e-mail to friends or family—or you can order a DVD version of your video production. You can even select a custom “frame” within which your video will play.

So here’s how I used it

My daughter is a figure skater and we recently attented her competition. I snapped a bunch of still photos—and—using the arena’s wifi capability, I uploaded a series of the best photos—right from the SD card—to onetruemedia. I added some appropriate music—and created a FINISHED VIDEO BEFORE THE COMPETITION WAS OVER!

From my seat I sent the video via email to grandma and a few other family members and friends. While onetruemedia is not a full-featured video editing suite, it IS fast and simple. And because it’s web-based, I can create videos ANYWHERE I can find an Internet connection and something to share!

Try it, it’s actually a lot of fun.