¡Hola mis amigos! ¿Cómo está usted hoy? And for our non-Spanish speaking/reading friends, hello and how are you today?

Cingular has followed in the footsteps of cellular carriers Sprint and Verizon by offering video content to 3G phones in its 3G markets, but with a little twist. Cingular has teamed up with HBO Latino to provide Spanish video content. HBO Latino

Some of the programs that Cingular will provide from HBO will be El Perro y El Gato – which teaches English and Spanish vocabulary to children, Habla Mas and Spanish language boxing – Generación Boxeo .

“We are very familiar with the tastes and preferences of the Hispanic market and we’re constantly introducing products and services that will allow our customers to stay connected with the key components of their lifestyle using their Cingular Wireless phones,” said Roberto Garcia, executive director of Hispanic Marketing. “We know that HBO Latino programming is important to our segment, so we decided to bring it to their cellular handsets so that they can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.”

Get Real Time, Entourage and Sex and the City too!

In addition to HBO Latino programming, Cingular is also offering content from HBO such as Real Time with Bill Mahr(SM), Entourage(SM) and Sex and the City. To receive these services, you have to subscribe to Cingular’s Media Max data package.

This is pretty cool but it also makes me think, what type of battery life will I have if I subscribe and when will my cell phone’s screen be at least 42 inches?

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