Intel Quad Core ProcessorToday, Intel debuted their Quad Core Intel Core 2 processor. Our videoblog entry contains the headlines about todays release and we should all respect this as definitely one of the fastest, if not the fastest according to some industry reports.

Although some people may say they really “aren’t” quad-core with one chip, containing two chips with dual processors, but the performance gain won’t even be noticed unless you flex the processor muscle.

Even though we’ve had dual-core CPUs around for a couple of years now, support for threaded applications is only slowly emerging. Perhaps the most impressive gains have been in PC gaming. Due to the impact of next generation game consoles, which are all multicore systems, game developers are rapidly become savvy in the nuances of programming for multicore CPUs.

So, how can you maximize a new multi-core processor? Use applications that really need it – there are applications like Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop and other specialized applications, like CAD, 3D Modeling and Animation and others – plus of course, games!

According to PC Magazine, Upcoming game titles that will support quad-core (or better) support will be Supreme Commander (Gas Powered Games / THQ), Epic’s Unreal Tournament 2007 (and all Unreal Engine 3 titles), Valve’s Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Ubisoft’s just-released Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

Anyone using Windows will see a performance, so that’s the most of us – there are so many applications running simultaneously, the system will utilize processors that are inactive to handle a new application process. We all use so many applications at the same time, I’m sure it will shave a few seconds here and there..

At $999, it may not be something you run out and get today, but be ready for the prices to drop rapidly as all processors gain mainstream momentum.

Sources: Intel and PC Magazine