TigerTracksWhen you are looking for a new computer, where do you turn? Well, it seems people are turning to TigerDirect more and more – and today’s TigerTracks is a great example.

So, my PC that I bought in Saudi died recently, and since I do a lot of work from home I had to get it fixed, or a new one fairly quickly. Ergo, I went out and bought one. Went to TigerDirect here in Toronto and got a GateWay re-furb. Nice machine, with 250GB hard-drive, 1GB of RAM and it came with Windows XP Media. This is really a really cool version of XP that lets you make your own jukebox, really organize your pictures and videos, and it came with a TV tuner card. So, I hooked up my cable to my PC, and as I write this, I am watching CSI:Miami. So cool!

By: kcrouche
From: My brain recently… « What do you think?

Well, for that two output video card, I’d recommend the XFX GeForce 7300LE, great card, low cost!

There it goes to show how what you are looking for can be found at TigerDirect.com and the TigerDirect Outlet Stores! Congrats on being today’s TigerTracks!

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