Macarena Dancing Tube On November 3rd Symantec posted details of a Proof Of Concept (POC) “OSX.Macarena” virus that infected files on Macs running OS X.

“OSX.Macarena is a proof of concept virus that infects files in the current folder on the compromised computer,” as stated by Peter Ferrie of Symantec. The virus appends itself to files in the current directory on the compromised computer. Symantec assessed the threat level at low and the removal process as easy. This POC virus OSX.Macarena affects only Macs running on OS X and that are Intel based. PowerPC Mac users are should be okay for the moment.

Symantec virus definitions from November 3rd should remove OSX.Macarena if your Intel-Based Mac has been infected. If you’re one of the thousands that still don’t have an antivirus software, click here or you might be dancing the OSX.Macarena.