My favorite gadget, at least for the moment is my Motorola V3 Razr (Black). Everything’s cooler in Black. This is actually a very cool, sleek and useful cell phone that came in handy during my last vacation. While traveling in Brasil (Brazil) the quad-band feature was a life saver. I didn’t have to purchase a prepaid calling card or cell phone from the local cell providers, Claro or Tim. If you don’t know much about Motorola V3 RazrBrazil, it’s a beautiful country, but it has a very high crime rate. So the Bluetooth feature came in handt. I kept my Motorola Razr in my pocket and only used the headset when I needed to.

Another great feature was the exceptionally long talk (up to 6 hours) and standby times (up to 9 days). I must tell you that the international roaming rates made me keep my calls down to a few minutes. And I spoke like I was an auctioneer. But when I didn’t have to talk, I text messaged like a mad man. It was pretty easy! I composed the message, chose the number from my address book and pressed send – done! Another cool little characteristic I discovered, was that every time I traveled and went into another cell provider’s cover area, its name would show up on the LCD Display. Ok, well I thought it was cool. Oh, I can’t forget the MP3 ring tones – with Yoda asking me to answer the phone, I must obey.
So tell us…What’s Your Favorite Tech Gadget or Gizmo?