Low-Priced Speaker System Garners Big Praise from Consumers.

Every day we pore through a long list of product reviews to find out what folks are most excited about. Today’s winner — hands down — is Logitech’s X-530 70-watt 5.1 Speakers selling for only $54.99 at Tigerdirect.com

Logiticeh X-530

The Tiger ad states that the Logitech X-530 allows you to experience crisp, clear sound from your movies and games. All you have to do is plug it into your PC, music player, DVD, PlayStation or Xbox game console and you’ll experience absolutely spectacular sound.

But that description pales in comparison to what Tiger’s customers are saying:

“This product is great. It looks great in about any setting in your room, office, or wherever you may be. The subwoofer is more powerful than even i thought it would be. It shakes my whole room =] The speakers are also suprisingly powerful. at one-half max volume, they are quite formidable to most. Combine this badass system with a badass soundcard, such as sound blaster Live! 5.1 (what i use hehe) it will cause you to be nothing but happy with your purchase.”


Logitech X-530 70-Watt 5.1 Speaker System

“These speakers are amazing, moving from a 2.1 setup to these is like moving from a condo to a million dollar mansion!! The sound is crystal clear, and the bass is strong (made a couple new enemies among the neighbours). The overall design+quality/perfomance+value= PERFECTION, truly awesome speakers!!! get them, i have no cons when it comes to these speakers, they are just perfect.”

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Logitech X-530 Speaker System