ButtKicker GamerOur Senior Editor insisted that we write something about the new Buttkicker Gamer — he says it’s too cool not to mention. “Can we say Buttkicker on our blog?” I asked.

“The manufacturer’s name IS Buttkicker, you idiot!” I guess since we’re not on radio, the government censors won’t come down on us for saying that the Buttkicker Gamer is just about the most kickin gaming accessory we’ve ever seen.

And you WILL kick butt when you use it! That’s because the Buttkicker Gamer easily attaches to most standard center-post chairs. You’ll feel the low end without making the room loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and you’ll still feel all the bass you want. Experience powerful bass even while using your headphones. The Buttkicker is perfect for apartments or dormitories. With the ButtKicker, you’ll live the game and FEEL the music.

The Buttkicker is kicking butt everywhere. In fact it won a prestigious Softool award in Moscow in 2006 and was selected for the “Custom Kit Award 2006″ in Great Britain.

Check out the new ButtKicker Gamer!

ButtKicker Gamer’s Only $49.99 at TigerDirect.com