Win a Playstation 3 from TigerDirectBlogI’ve had an Ultra 512MB 14-in-1 MP3 player (except I have the white one) for about 6 months now, and I love it!

Loading songs in it couldn’t be easier. Connect it to your PC with the included USB to mini-USB cable, and it looks like another flash drive. Copy a few MP3s over, and you’re ready to go. Plug in the earbuds (also included), and take it with you.

Battery running low? The NiMH AAA battery recharges through the USB connection, but if you need to, you can use another AAA battery to play your music. You do need the NiMH battery in when transferring music or recharging.

Filled up the built-in 512MB (or the 1GB version)? No problem. You can insert up to a 1GB SD or MMC card, and have more music on it. Use the miniature joystick button to move to the File Explorer menu and navigate to either the built-in flash or the card, and choose what you want to play. Wow!

I’ve loaded an entire audio Bible (at 16 kbps, it’s very clear and takes 444 MB with what I’m using) on an SD card, and can listen with this handy little device.

There’s lots more features listed, but I haven’t tried them. Built-in POP and SMTP features (it’s not wireless, so you’d need to be connected via the USB to send or receive) are listed. FM radio. Voice Recorder.

The only problem I had was with a wire breaking on the earbuds that came with it, but I just used another set.

This is a great product, and it’s available from TigerDirect.