Help!I wondered which should be used for dynamics sites using flash css javascript forms etc.

I was looking at this companies corporate plan and would like to have the option to set up several seperate websites for different customers assigning each an allotment of space with seperate access by them and allowing me access is this site suitable for my needs or is it as it seems just too good to be true???

Editor’s Note

Your comment has been escalated to a post as this is a great discussion topic. While many detail statistics which define Linux as the primary operating system of choice for web hosting, Windows, and the advent of .NET has been gaining.

Personally, I prefer Linux hosting due to it’s relatively less expensive hosting options, esp. when utilizing a dedicated server with databases (and requiring MS-SQL licenses). Exchange is expensive as can be and utilizing IMAP or POP is just fine for most people, yet being able to provide Exchange-Like features with other Open Source Applications.

But readers – what do you think? Linux or Windows? The match is on!