TigerDirectBlog takes the sting out of new technologies by exploring them for you! With so many advances in networking equipment – seems about everything is connected to the net these days – it’s hard to keep on top of the latest advances. Today, TigerDirectblog explains some of these advances.

Featuring the D-Link 3G EVDO Router, Netgear WiFi Skype Handset and the D-Link SATA Network Attached Storage Unit.

D-Link 3G EVDO Mobile Router

Have a ‘Broadband EVDO Card’ from Verizon? If so, you too can use it to power a home or soho network ! No longer limited to the hard-wire broadband technologies, this router allows you to share an EVDO connection by inserting the card into the rear of the unit and connecting other client devices either via the 4 port wired interface, USB printer or NAS interface or the wireless network antenna.

Netgear Skype Wifi Handset

Not sure if you have tried Skype or not yet, but if you haven’t you should! Known for it’s free phone calls, Skype now provides access to their services via a WiFi connected wireless handset! What could be more convenient.

Use it from your home, office, any WiFi hotspot and you’re Talking!

D-Link 2port SATA Network Attached Storage Drive

Need to share potentially massive amounts of data on your network? Just add one or two Serial ATA (SATA) drives to this great enclosure and plug it in! A USB connection for printer connectivity across the network is also provided.

Tooless design!

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