With a museum quality 1080p display – check out these incredible HDTVs while they last.

You can rest assured with JVC quality – these are some of the most incredible HDTVs ever made.

Features and Benefits

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  • HD D-ILA
    Thanks to the newly developed HD D-ILA devices, the native resolution of the HD-P61R1U is 1920 x 1080, the extreme HD resolution available today for home theater applications. This makes the system suitable not only for high-end home theater use but also for critical viewing venues such as museums and post-production screening rooms.
  • Slim, Compact Design
    The thin frame and reduced depth of the HD-P61R1U simplifies installation and makes it ideal for use in a variety of situations where space availability may be limited.
  • D65 Color Temperature Standard
    JVC’s unique optical engine produces rich, natural colors with smooth gradations and low noise. By setting the color temperature at the D65 standard, source media can be faithfully reproduced with the same gradations as the original picture. A unique optical filter permits pin-point D65 calibration that maintains constant contrast in each color channel. Color gradations are natural and consistent all the way from absolute black to absolute white.
  • 3-Chip D-ILA Technology
    HD-ILA employs D-ILA, JVC’s proprietary reflective technology that boasts the best brightness available today. D-ILA microchips are a highly sophisticated form of LCOS, and require virtually no space between each pixel, enabling the chips to yield the highest aperture ratio (reflective area) producing the highest brightness, contrast and resolution. The HD-P61R1U combines the use of a single high-power user-replaceable lamp, three vertically oriented D-ILA microchips (1920×1080, one for each RGB color), a precision focus lens, and an exclusive polarized beam splitter to create highly accurate colors without the annoying rainbow effects produced by single chip projectors. D-ILA microchips also have a unique inorganic alignment layer that provides longer device life and optimum performance in all operating conditions. You can always count on images superior in resolution, contrast, brightness, grayscaling, and color reproduction.
  • Redefining Microdisplay – HD-ILA
    JVC’s highly regarded HD-ILA brand television displays are redefining the standards by which microdisplays are judged. HD-ILA TVs are the most technologically advanced microdisplays available today. Powered by the same D-ILA (Direct-drive Image Light Amplifier) microchips employed by our highly successful professional video projectors, HD-ILA microdisplays make up JVC’s flagship television line-up.

    D-ILA utilizes a highly sophisticated form of 3-chip, vertically oriented LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology that adds an inorganic alignment layer which both stabilizes the device performance and maximizes chip production. The result is superior resolution, grayscaling, brightness, and color reproduction when compared not only to LCD and DLPâ„¢, but also to other existing LCOS systems.

  • 13 Separate Glass Component Projection Lens
    JVC’s unique, custom designed projection lens assembly contains 13 separate glass components and an aspheric resin coated lens that insures full time precision focus. On each element we use a total of 32 layers of anti-reflective coatings which minimize potential internal reflections and allow for crystal clear pictures and pure image reproduction.

    From start to finish, JVC’s 3-chip D-ILA technology is superior in almost every way to the other leading forms of microdisplay technologies and the rest of this catalog is designed to show you how and why this is true.

  • JVC’s Exclusive 5th Generation D.I.S.T.
    The challenge to television display engineers these days is in making even the oldest and the poorest quality sources appear glorious on big screen HDTV’s. JVC engineers answer to that call was to develop a picture processing technology that would not only deliver the advantages of HD resolution, but also one that would create natural looking images with remarkable detail, pure color reproduction and precision focus no matter what the source. The result is JVC’s 5th Generation Digital Image Scaling Technology, D.I.S.T. with GENESSA.

    JVC’s newest GENESSA Chip detects and seamlessly up-scales all SD sources (480i and 480p) and all HD sources (720p or 1080i) and displays at 720p or 1080p. This customized upscaling insures that no matter what the original video source, the images will look as sharp, bright and smooth as intended.

    D.I.S.T. combines all of JVC’s core image preprocessing, noise reducing and color management technologies into one communication unit within the GENESSA chip. GENESSA is the industries first CPU dedicated to such image processing and its accelerated 32bit “turbo” powered picture processing provides for both super fast sampling and more efficient communication between the technologies that comprise the D.I.S.T. engine.

    Because all of JVC’s core technologies are able to work together and faster, JVC TVs yield incredibly fast calculations that translate to a smoother picture and a better resolution image.

  • 5 Point Color ManagementJVC’s Exclusive 5 Point Color Managment employs a pin-point sampling process of the four colors:
    • Green – In order for greens to be their purest and to look natural, yellows often need to be toned down.
    • Yellow – CMS softens yellows so that they look silky and smooth without giving skin tones a darkened.
    • Red – In order for reds and magentas to appear as vivid as possible, CMS samples these areas and tones down blues within that range.
    • Blue – CMS samples blue areas of images and tones down the greens to avoid being influenced by greens.
    • Fleshtones- Samples flesh tones so they appear warm and natural
  • User Replaceable Lamp
    At JVC, they believe that convenience factors make all the difference in the world, and their engineers are always thinking of ways to make their televisions more user friendly. In the case of HD-ILA televisions, each model is equipped with a long life user replaceable lamp. The old lamp can be pulled straight out and the new lamp pushed straight back and into place.
  • Dual 1080p Compatible HDMI Inputs
    Each ’06 1080P HD-ILA is ready for the latest technology with two HDMI inputs that can accept a 1080P input. This is the highest resolution HD signal that is available. This makes JVC HD-ILA the perfect choice for seeing the best possible picture from your Blu-ray disc player as well as future HD-DVD players and game consoles.

    In addition, HDMI is the perfect all-digital connection for D-VHS high definition VCRs as well as upconverting DVD players and recorders with an HDMI output. A JVC 1080P HD-ILA is a perfect solution for any source.


  • Display area 70inches
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Input Video Signal NTSC / ATSC
  • Audio Ports 10W x 2
  • Speakers 2
  • Inputs
    • VGA (15-Pin D-Sub)
    • Analog Audio Input
    • RF Input
    • AV CompuLink III Jack
    • Component In
    • HDMI In (x2)
    • Composite Video In
    • S-Video
  • Outputs
    • S-Video
    • Optical Audio
    • Audio
    • Composite
  • Power Consumption 220W
  • Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) 64 1/8″ x 46″ x 20 1/2″
  • Unit Weight 159lbs

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