Nintendo WiiJapanese game console manufacturer Nintendo said Thursday that they are investigating reports of problems with the strap that attaches Wii’s controller to the player wrist. The controller is held and maneuvered in the fashion of a tennis racquet, golf club or sword in many of Nintendo’s games.

A couple of websites have been set up collecting photos and information of damaged TVs and broken glass. This resulting from the Wii’s controller detaching from the players wrist and flying out of the players hand while being swung in game play.

Some people are getting a lot more excited than we’d expected,” Nintendo Co. President Satoru Iwata said. “We need to better communicate to people how to deal with Wii as a new form of entertainment.”

Nintendo hope that the ease of use with the Wii’s controller will attract a new generation of players.

“The company has not decided on any specific measures to change the strap”, Nintendo spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said.

Source: MSNBC
Photo Credit: Associated Press