TransistorToday’s news headlines for the weekend ending December 10, 2006 include:

  • a report on new materials to replace silicon in transistors, enabling a reduction in size and increase in processing speed;
  • Oblivion and Gears of War receive the most honors at the Spike TV awards;
  • Blu-Ray seen as premature and adding too much cost to the Playstation 3 according to their customers and
  • the new up and coming challenge to YouTube could be your television.


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New Transistor Materials

MIT has announced they will present research on a new material to replace silicon for transistors. Today’s lifestyle fueled by portable media players, cellular phones, computers and chip-embedded appliances require more and more processing power. Size and performance on current silicon based chips will hit the wall within the next 10 to 15 years according to the report.

New composite materials, such as indium gallium arsenide, are being reviewed as they present the ability to carry 2.5 times more current than the latest silicon devices. These advances in transistor material may lead to even smaller devices that process information more quickly.

.ASIA announced as new domain by ICANN

With the continued number of .com domains continue to disappear, ICANN approved the addition of .asia as a new Top-Level domain. The new domain will be used supplementary to country domains like .jp in Japan and .cn in China. This regional TLD is similar to the recently launched .EU in Europe.

Oblivion named Top Winner in Game Awards

Spike TV named “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” as the top winner at their LA Video Awards Friday scoring five prized including “Game of the Year” and “Most Addictive.” “Gears of War” also earned four honors including Epic Games being named “Studio of the Year.” The Awards show will air on December 13.

Gamers want their PS/3 – sans Blu-Ray and the pricetag

Sony PlayStation 3Gamers who want their PS/3 are saying that the Blu-Ray drive, a key ‘high-tech’ feature of the new PS/3, only drives up the price of the unit $150 to $200 – outpricing many PlayStation consumers. Sony’s inclusion of the Blu-ray drive reflects the general inclusion of Sony’s proprietary MemoryStick format on most of their portable devices, only recently deciding to also accept the most-widely used SD format on select devices. Sony’s loss in the “Beta” vs. “VHS” wars of the 70s and 80s may be the fuel powering the current battle between the “HD-DVD” and “Blu-Ray” High Definition DVD formats.

Many want-to-be Playstation owners complain that Sony’s created a product that is not for today’s market. Lack of industry-wide adoption for the Blu-ray format is also aggravating consumers who will be caught in the middle of this split on HD DVD standards.

Networks discuss new challenge for YouTube

Finally, while the top television networks discuss the launch a YouTube rival, we are forced to understand how TV will become the ultimate content platform. Since the 50s, all the TV programming decisions have been made by industry executives and sponsors. The advent of the wildly popular website ‘YouTube’ who allows individuals anywhere to broadcast their creative works worldwide – garnering a top 5 site in the world slot with over 10 Million Videos viewed daily – has changed the landscape.

According to a current report by Jupiter Research, most Americans split their time evenly between the TV and the Internet – but that line is starting to blur. The net is also about to eclipse TV. With this shift, we will see an acceleration of the evolution of TV into an open content platform that more closely emulates the interactivity of the web.

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