TigerNewsIn this weekend’s news we find that holiday vacations may be costing your company big bucks, yet shutting off your PC can help the environment.

Top Stories:

  • Power Down your PC and Save some Trees
  • Winner of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year
  • NYC users to pay for purchases with their cellphones, and
  • Vonage achieves E911 for 93% of US customers


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TigerDirect Weekend News Update for December 17, 2006

    Save the Ozone and Big Bucks By Shutting down your hardware

    The BBC reports that during the hoilday season, equipment left running while workers are away will cost a total of $17.2 Million Dollars. According to research, more than six million PCs will be left on over the Christmas season, consuming nearly 40 million kilowatt hours of electricity. This pumps 19,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming as well.

    During this holiday season and the rest of the year, remember to “Power Down” your computer, printer and other office equipment when not in use. And when going on a vacation, ensure to turn off your office equipment as well as your home electronics during your absence. You’ll save a few bucks – and a few trees. (Source: BBC)

    You have been awarded the honor of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

    Time Magazine Cover - Person of the Year 2006In a twist against tradition, Time magazine is shipping with a mirror on the cover – showing their ‘Person of the Year’ – You! With the explosion of blogs, online video and photo sharing as well as mass user contributions to major media outlets, often first on the scene video is coming by well of ‘bystander video’ streaming from cellphones and other portable devices.

    The choice of ‘You’ as the person of the year is a testament to it’s defined aim to choose “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or for ill, and embodied what was important about the year, for better or for worse.” Creators and consumers of user-generated content showed a scale of community and collaboration on a scale never before seen. (Source: Reuters)

    Citibank Cingular Customers start Pay-By-Phone Trials

    Lucky New Yorkers Rejoice! You can signup today to participate in a trial using your cellular phone to pay for purchases if you are a Cingular subscriber and Citibank account holder. Although skeptics have already said that it will be easier for thieves to get the phone out of your pocket than your wallet, security features are built-in to protect your from exploitation and theft. The testing “NFC (or Near Field Communications) handset will allow you to tap into your bank account when you start spending if selected for this trial. Visit http://www.nyctrial.com to signup, but you must do it by December 20th and live in the New York City area. (Source: Gadgetell)

    and finally,

    US Vonage annouces 93% E911 capability

    VonageAs E911 capability has been a forefront issue with the Voice over IP indudstry, Vonage is the first to announce that 93% of their subscribers are now E911 connected. E911 provides the emergency response center the address of the caller. Vonage’s ‘Nomadic E911′ requests users to update their locations when the adapter notes a physical change in IP address or subscribers many change their address manually as well.

    E911 has been touted to aid in faster response times for emergency related 911 calls. Vonage continues to work with Congress the FCC and other regulators to provide equal access for all Vonage customers to E911 facilities. You can learn more about Vonage by entering keyword Vonage on the TigerDirect website and if you sign up today, you’ll get unlimited calling for under $25 bucks! See our site for further details. (Source: VNUNet)

This has been your TigerDirect Weekend News Update for December 17, 2006.