Microsoft Windows Vista (Credit: website)Vista. Is it worth it? Some people say yes, some people say no. I’m sort of stuck in the middle. I’ve been reading about it and played with the beta for a little while and I do think it’s kind of nice but that was just the “new toy” feeling. Personally I’ve decided to hold off on upgrading because XP has done well for me (until I screw it up!) and Vista is a huge move in my opinion.

Yes it’s Windows but it’s design is a lot different than XP and will take a little learning. This is one of the reasons I’ve held off. Price has been another, at roughly $200 a pop I just can’t bring myself to write that check, plus I want to wait until the second service pack comes out and the bugs are worked out.

Price brings me to another interesting thing I’ve read, Microsoft’s EULA. Apparently you can only install Vista on one PC. What this basically means, that if you install it on PC A, and for some reason it dies and you build PC B to replace your old, dead PC, it won’t let you activate it there. You are going to have to buy a new copy. On the flipside, apparently there is a known crack in the registration and there are exploits on the net to allow you to bypass the registration. Microsoft isn’t saying anything on this, and I don’t blame them. It’s like telling terrorists how they can possibly wreak havoc on innocent people through a news story.

(SIDE NOTE: There was recently a story on a new “drug” that isn’t illegal (yet) and a plant that grows wild that you can get high off of on a local news station. It cracked me up because they were going from the angle of how dangerous these two items could be but they told you what the plant looks like, where you can find these two things, how you can use them and what their effects are. LOL It was just to funny, the whole irony of it.)

So with this in mind, I have another angle on Vista to consider, do I be honest and pay the $200 some bucks and hope my PC never crashes or do I just crack it and raise my fist in rebellion to Microsoft and make all those that paid for Vista suffer in the future with more difficult anti-piracy tactics that Microsoft may come up with?