kodak-c433.jpgPoint-and-Shoot cameras not just for kids and novices any more. You can take quality photos with a Point-and-Shoot camera that can make you look like an expert photographer. Even though SLRs have more features, ask any professional photographers and they all own a point-and-shoot camera.

There are a few key aspects of photography with a point-and-shoot you must keep in mind.

First, let’s understand what photography is. The definition of photography from Britannica – “Method of recording permanent images by the action of light projected by a lens in a camera onto a film or other light-sensitive material.

Lighting can be your friend, or your worst enemy. An over exposed photo can wash out and leave you with a bright white spot. An under exposed shot can leave you with a dark photo. The key is to find the happy medium between the two so that you can capture – the perfect shot.

Over Exposed Red Porsche Under Exposed Red Porsche

                           Overexposed Photo          Underexposed Photo

Automatic Flash – Indoors
The automatic flash is not always needed. Using the automatic flash can give your subject a shiny or overexposed appearance. The cameras flash can also hide the shadows of your subject. Turn off the cameras flash and use the ambient light of the room. Try to capture the image of the subject naturally. Try changing your cameras ISO speed to a slower setting if you are in a moderate to dimly lit room. This allows the shutter to open longer and capture the subject using more ambient light. If the photo is still dark on your view screen, try either bringing light to the subject or moving the subject closer to the light source. When taking pictures with a slower shutter speed, steady the camera on a solid surface. Invest in a tripod, monopod or use a chair, table or anything that will not easily move. With the shutter open longer, this leaves more room for human error. A slight jarring of the camera and the shot is ruined. Set the automatic timer on the camera so this leaves less room for a mistake of moving the camera while taking the picture.

Automatic Flash – Outdoors
Your camera’s flash does have a purpose and yes it is to add additional light. Not exactly in the location you thought though. Your flash may be needed outdoors. That’s right – outdoors! Have you ever taken a picture of your subject and it was too dark? This is the perfect scenario to use your flash. First, turn on your flash and pre-focus your camera on the subject. While your camera is pre-focused, adjust the camera’s angle to capture subject off-center. This can add more depth to your photo. Steady your camera with a device such as a (tripod or monopod).


Underexposed Model Airplanes

Underexposed Photo

This use of the flash also works well when your subject has a bright light source behind it. This can illuminate the subject and not leave the subject as a silhouette.

Pre-focus Your Subject
Don’t just aim and shoot. Pre-focus your subject. Most point-and-shoot cameras have this ability. Usually, depressing the shutter button halfway pre-focuses your camera on the subject. To add more of a professional look, pre-focus your camera on the subject the reposition the camera so that you subject is off-center. This way, your subject is in focus and your picture has more depth.


focus.jpg focus2.jpg

Out of Focus Photo

Take More Than One Shot
There are several different types of multimedia cards ranging in storage size from 128MB to 8GB, take as many pictures as possible. If you have an inanimate subject, there’s no reason not to capture the perfect picture. You can take 10 pictures and only have 1 good shot. So take as many pictures as possibly can.


Buy the Best Point-and-Shoot Camera You Can Afford
Again, there are hundreds of point-and-shoot cameras on the market. When choosing your camera, look for a camera with a focal length between 24-70mm. Point-and-Shoot cameras beyond 70mm are not very useful. Trying to use the push button zoom past 70mm can be difficult. When wanting to zoom further than 70mm, SLRs are much more useful since you can adjust the zoom and focus manual instead of using a button and waiting for the camera.

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