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  • Leo Laporte slams the Zune.


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TigerDirect News Update for December 20, 2006

    Leo Laporte slams the Zune

    Leo Laporte, formerly of ‘The Screen Savers,” now of G4 Canada’s TechTV, sums it all up.

  • “See this? See this piece of ‘Donkey Dookie?’ You’re gonna remember this as the day the music died. The day that DRM bit the big weenie. I’m Leo LaPorte…this is a Microsoft Zune, and I have to say when I first played with the Zune I thought ‘this is nice!’ It was soft and a little rubbery… beautiful screen, I mean if you put video on here…”

    “But there are a couple of things, I mean, you go ‘okay this is neat,’ first thing you do is go hey… it doesn’t turn.. They’ve got a click wheel that doesn’t turn! Okay, okay, I can dig that. Maybe there’s patents involved.. what else doesn’t it do? It’s got WiFi, well that’s cool. WiFi, you know, you could surf the net, right? WRONG! You could, um, I dunno… download and buy music from Microsoft, right? WRONG! You can’t do ANYTHING with the WiFi. The only thing you can do, is in Steve Ballmer’s immortal words, ‘squirt’ a song outta this into somebody else’s Zune. Hey baby, mind if I squirt your somethin’? ”

    “And Then, (squirt sound) they get it, three days later it’s not working! They can only play it three days or three plays, whichever comes first. The real problem with the Zune as I see it – great device, great idea, great engineering, then the committee at Microsoft got ahold of it and said… (mumbling) … everytime you buy this, money goes in the pockets of Universal Music. I imagine this is just the beginning from Universal’s point of view. ‘We can get Apple, we can get everybody, we can get money everytime they sell an iPod, We’re Gonna Be Rich!’”

    “Well you know what? You are NOT gonna be rich. You know why? This is the beginning of the end of Digital Rights Management (DRM) of money to the Recording Industry, money to the Motion Picture Association, people have finally seen the light – I’VE SEEN THE LIGHT! I’m not buying this, you shouldn’t buy this!”

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