TigerNewsIn today’s news:

  • LG prepares top announcement about their combo HD DVD and Blu Ray DVD player
  • Warner Brothers announces a TotalDVD format
  • Gmail exploit may allow spammers access to your contacts, and
  • Learn about the TigerDirect News CES Coverage next week.


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LG teases us with new HD DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Drive

The long promised LG combo HD DVD + Blu-ray player is destined to end the high definition format war. LG promises the dual format player will be able for viewing next week at CES. LG has promised details on pricing and availability in Las Vegas next week. While no clear winner has yet appeared in the DVD format war, we can be sure this will be an ongoing battle. (Source: Engadget)

TotalHD DVD format released

Total HD discs, the hybrid double-sided Blu-ray HD DVD discs, are now being commercialized and introduced at CES next week. Industry insiders say the disc actually may confuse thinking that Blu-ray and HD DVD formats are no longer relevant in day to day buying decisions and an unwitting consumer may assume all discs are dual format – then if they buy say, a Sony DVD, it will not support both formats.

Gmail exploit provides your contacts to hackers

Gmail contacts important to you? Many people count on Gmail to provide their daily fix for email, however a new exploit takes advantage of the fact that Google puts your details into a JS file. According to Digg, if you’re logged into Gmail and browsing the web, any rogue website can declare the function “google” and then parse all your contacts.

The only way to safeguard yourself is to disable Javascript in your browser or simply climb into a hole and not use your Google suite of services.. Engadget reported testing the exploit and found their contacts correctly identified and ready for harvest.

LIVE! Coverage from CES Starting Sunday, January 7

TigerDirect News and the Advanced Radio Network will be providing LIVE video streams from the Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, allowing you the first opportunity to see ALL of the products which are coming out in 2007. Make sure to check theTigerDirectNews.com homepage for live video provided by Stickam.com. During off hours, rebroadcasts of videos recorded throughout the day will be available. Turn to TigerDirectNews for the latest in Technology and Computing News.

This is your TigerDirect News Update for Thursday, January 4, 2007.