Gemini CDT-05 hybrid turntable

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Live to Play.  Play to Live.

Gemini Sound Products has one mission:  to enhance your musical experience through function and performance. They’ve built their business over the last 30 years on understanding what’s really wanted and valued in DJ and Pro Audio products. They accompany this devotion to detail with a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

CDT-05 hybrid turntable Larger imageEndorsed by such influential rap groups as Public Enemy and used by many more, Gemini has long set the standard for DJ equipment over more than two decades.  Their products repeatedly push industry envelopes for quality, functionality, and usability.  A skilled user can create absolute masterpieces on Gemini’s CDT-05, a hybrid turntable that spins (and mixes) both CDs and vinyl albums.  This landmark unit’s capability to seamlessly integrate the best of both (recording media) worlds makes it ideal for both the mobile DJ and the seasoned scratch professional.

Every Gemini product employs the latest advances in materials and technology. They incorporate carefully considered highly functional design innovations as well.   Each Gemini product is backed by the experience and commitment of their engineers and professionals, whose passion for excellence is matched only by their passion for their products.

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