Ford SyncRecently announced just this past weekend, Ford and Microsoft are joining forces to offer a new Microsoft-based car networking system called the “Sync”. Ford will offer the Sync in twelve of the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models this year and it plans to offer the Sync in its entire model line by 2009.

The Sync will allow you to keep your hands and on the steering wheel and eyes on the road by allowing you to make hands-free cell phone calls using Bluetooth technology, listen to music on digital music players including the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune, and have cell phone text messages read aloud.

“We’re trying to leapfrog the competition and customers’ expectations,” he said. And he added that Sync will be upgradeable, letting Ford add new features over time without making customers buy new hardware.

Microsoft would not confirm if they plan to offer the Sync to other car manufacturers, but Velle Kolde, a senior product manager, said the company saw an opportunity to put its software in more than 600 million cars worldwide.

Source: Reuters