XFX GeForce 7600 GT Fatal1ty EditionCurrently I am building a Computer. In that computer I need a video card, and a good one as well. I am willing to pay 500 for a 8800 if that is what I need, but only if that is what I need. The parts that are currently in my possession are as follows:

Cheiftech full-tower case
AMD Anthlon 3500+
WD SATAII Hard Drive
Sony DVD Burnner

I plan to have these parts as well

600W+ PSU

So as you can see I would need only a video card to finnish and I need a good one; one that would run almost any game out there(even if I will half to decrease quality a little, but I do want at least medium settings. Alos I don’t like ATI video cards. I’ve looked at 7950GT’s, 7600GT’s, and 8800GTS’s. I just don’t know what product I should buy.