10th Annual Build Your Own PC RaceAre You A PC Builder? Put Your Money Where Your CPU Is (Or Goes)!

Journalists hailing from prominent PC publications, newsletters, magazines, and web-newscasts vied for their fifteen minutes of fame at the CES convention in Las Vegas. They competed in the “Build Your Own PC Race”, a charity event benefiting their favorite educational or other charity.

TigerDirect, an online computer and electronics retailer based out of Miami, hosted the 10th annual “Build Your Own PC Race”, which was held for charity. The PCs are donated to non-profit organizations, and an additional $10,000 is donated to the winner’s charity of choice. Other cash prizes are given to the 1st and 2nd runner up as well.

Mr. Demerjian Working on his PCThe Competition Was Fierce
The 30 or so contestants from specialty tech publications like PC Magazine, PC Gamer and Hardware Geeks made for tough competition. All contestants appeared to have built PCs in the past. One of the competitors was rumored to have worked at Intel for a decade or so.

The monumental piles of screws, components, and wires eventually became working, functioning computers as contestants scrambled, inserted, and pushed their way through tower cases and hard-to-reach plugs and connections
One Man Proves His SpeedPrize Check from TigerDirect for ten thousand dollars

Contestants “win” (or at least finish) by assembling the computer, booting it up, and connecting wirelessly to the electronic finish line. TigerDirect representatives wandered the floor, making helpful suggestions here and there and generally trying to keep things fair.

Charlie Demerjian from TheInquirer.net won the race by finishing in 6 minutes, 47 seconds. He has now won the event two years in a row. Mr. Demerjian chose to donate his winnings to Wingspan Life Resources.

For a Worthy Cause

The Speed-built PCs contain a 64-bit dual core AMD processor, 1GB of memory, a 256MB graphics card, a wireless card and a DVD burner. They will go to Seattle’s Atlantic Street Center after being inspected by Systemax technical personnel. Sytemax is TigerDirect’s parent company.

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