With so much news in one week, it’s nearly impossible to get it all in one article. TigerDirectNews Feature Editor John G. brings us more. Ed.

ENV Hydrogen fuel cell powered motorcycle from HondaThe World’s First Purpose Built Fuel Cell Motorcycle
With fuel prices on the rise, maybe it’s time for a change. We’ve seen hybrid cars from manufactures like Honda, Toyota and Lexus – but how about something even better. Introducing the world’s first purpose built fuel cell motorcycle – the ENV. The ENV is nearly emission free because it runs on Hydrogen. A single tank can last up to 100 miles in urban use. The ENV only has one gear, so it’s easy to ride for the novice and fun to ride for the advanced. The frame of the ENV is created out of hollow-cast aircraft grade aluminum and the rear mono-shock suspension is hidden in the swing-arm itself.
The fuel cell in the ENV beats out battery cell technology in volumetric power density and parasitic loss. The electrochemical reaction can produce twice the efficiency as an internal combustion engine and in application where heat is produced and can be used, efficiency goes up to around 90 percent. Look for the ENV on street near you anytime this year.

FCC says No to Satellite Radio Merger
Rumors have been floating around for the past few months about a possible merger of satellite radio companies XM and Sirius. How would this benefit their customers…it wouldn’t. In November of 2006, during an interview, Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin commented, “I have focused my entire career on shareholder value and wealth creation. Often mergers allow for that. I combined my radio company with CBS, and I combined CBS with Viacom.”

FCC chairman Kevin Martin told reports that the commission would not approve the merger between the two satellite radio companies. According to Bloomberg, Martin said, “there is a prohibition on one entity owning both of these business.”
Lucky for us consumers, there is still an alternative to terrestrial radio conglomerates like Clear Channel and Cox with satellite radio and at least for now, we have two to choose from.

Computer Crime is on the rise...protect yourself and your PC!’07 Bonnie & Clyde
A Trojan virus was sent in the name of a Swedish bank to some of its clients and it was reported that approximately one million dollars was stolen. Industry experts believe this is the biggest online robbery to date. According to McAfee, the sender encouraged clients to download a “spam fighting” application and it’s believed that nearly 250-customer fell for the scam. The software that was downloaded was a key logger. The bank is refunding everyone who lost money even if they hadn’t taken precautions. This only shows that crooks are working harder to steal from law-abiding people and we have to do everything we can to protect ourselves. Never download anything without verifying the source and never give out passwords and user names. Always scan you computer with a retail version anti-spyware/anti-virus utility and keep the definition up-to-date.

Jupiter, One of the Solar System's biggest planets...New Horizon Probe
NASA’s New Horizon probe is nearing Jupiter on its way to Pluto sent back a few close-range photos of the solar systems largest planet. The probe was about 50 million miles away from Jupiter when it took this amazing shot of the planet Great Red Spot.
In the photo received by the New Horizons science team, they noticed that the planet seemed much calmer than in previous photos from Voyager 1, Galileo and Cassini. They plan to scrutinize these changes to understand the planets changes.