Software Pirate“Here’s a copy of Office 2007,” your friend says. “Just install it and you’ll be on your way.” But have you thought about the benefits of using genuine software instead of bootleg programs? It may be enticing to save a few bucks, but the advantages of owning genuine software outweigh the negative implications to using and owning illegal or pirated software. Here are 5 reasons why you should purchase and use genuine software.

1. You receive the instructions and software documentation.
It may save a few bucks to purchase illegal software, but you won’t have the benefits of the instructional booklet and documentation. You also won’t receive any ancillary products that would come with the genuine software package. “First, genuine software offers you all the documentation you need,” says Ann Westerheim, president of Ekaru, a technology company based in Westford, Massachusetts. “But, when you register it, you’re not just jumping through a needless hoop; you gain access to other advantages as well.”

2. You receive technical assistance with genuine software.

The assurance of being able to pick up the phone and call the software manufacture because you need assistance with their product is invaluable – especially to a business. Purchasing illegal or pirated software closes that door and throws away the key. You may save a few bucks on purchasing illegal software, but you’ll save time and money in the long run when you purchase genuine software.

3. You’ll have access to updates and upgrades.
It’s no secret that software programs sometimes have little problems. But software manufacturers are always working to repair any problems with their software. Using genuine software will give you the benefit of receiving updates and upgrades when available. Illegal or pirated software closes the door for software updates and upgrades.

4. The stigma of using illegal or pirated software.
You may save a few bucks with purchasing illegal or pirated software, but the stigma could last a lifetime – especially for a business owner. Not only do your employees see that your software is not genuine, but your customers could receive incompatible data files. There nothing worse than sending a spreadsheet or word documents to a customer and they can’t open it because you created it with an illegal or pirated copy of software.

5. Using pirated software may land you behind bars.
Many people feel that using illegal or pirated software doesn’t hurt anyone. If you’re found to be using illegal or pirated software, you could be liable for damages, fines and could even face jail time. People found using illegal copies of software could be fined up to $150,000 for each illegal copy. Is it worth taking this chance to save a few bucks?

Before you purchase any software, make sure it is from a reputable retailer. Spare yourself the headache, embarrassment and possible fines and jail time from using illegal or pirated software. Purchasing genuine software ensure peace of mind and the support of the manufacturer.

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