Grammar Girls Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing offers help to those prone to grammar accidentsNow Available: E-Hope For The Grammatically Challenged
Mignon Fogarty has created the online cure for your comma, semi-colon, and punctuation hang-ups: she calls it Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Actually a pod-cast that addresses common and not-so-common glitches, misconceptions, and errors in the common language, Fogarty’s bright idea has become a hit.

The 29 years old technical writer was vacationing in California when she had the idea for the podcast. She was editing (she works on vacation) documents and was struck by the number of grammatical errors. Because her expertise was obviously and sorely needed, she decided to bring her knowledge to the web world at large. Since its inception, the podcast has taken off.

The show is currently in the top 50 most popular podcasts on Apple Inc.’s popular iTunes service. The grammar guru waxes wise on grammar issues in popular media and on common mistakes and their corrections that could improve a person’s writing, just by listening. From professionals to classrooms, her podcast has already helped 1.3 million downloaders write and edit better.

She has started two other podcasts since her original launch in July: “Mr. Manners’ Quick and Dirty Tips For a More Polite Life” and “Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life”. She has also been approached by book companies regarding a potential publication. The only drawback: fans are afraid to write her emails for fear of embarrassing themselves, grammatically.

Nokia Reigns In Cell Phone World, Other Manufacturers Challenging Authority
Nokia continues to rule as the undisputed leader in the cell phone industry. Global handset sales raced past the one billion units sold mark in 2006, but Sony Ericsson climbed to the second most profitable firm.

The Nokia N93 is the end-all of digital camera phones.Sony Ericsson is a joint venture between the two Swedish and Japanese companies Sony Ericsson is only five years old, but that didn’t stop them from turning in a profit of 502 million euros in the fourth quarter, which was more than Motorola and Samsung Electronics. Both companies sell up two and a half as many phones as their competitor.

Because of the high average selling prices of its handsets, Sony Ericsson even managed to generate higher revenues than Samsung, which has long been the industry’s king in expensive phones. On the back of its premium products, Sony Ericsson shipped 26 million phones in the fourth quarter, 61 percent more than in the year-ago period, by far the sharpest increase in the sector. “This quarter has two winners, Sony Ericsson with high-margin products, and Nokia, with its economies of scale.” said analyst Jyssi Hyoty at FIM in Helsinki.

Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani likes clothes. Now he likes the Internet too!Armani brings High Fashion to Internet Denizens
Fans of Giorgio Armani did not have to fret about tickets for his summer collection on Wednesday as the Italian designer broadcast his haute couture show live on the Internet.Hollywood actresses Cate Blanchett and Katie Holmes watched on from the frontrow in a Paris art museum, while Armani fans across the world could tune in as the 72-year old Armani Fashion Show runway modeldesigner paraded out girls in shiny trousers and sparkling dresses.

Armani said his broadcast on was the first time an haute couture show could be followed live online. In Armani’s case however, watching the show on the Internet was only half the treat, as online watchers missed out on a sumptuous dinner of truffle risotto that Armani threw in a mirror-clad hall for several hundred guests after his show.

HD DVD and it's competitor Blu-ray have been hacked!AACS Says Hackers Have Cracked HD DVD Encryption
The Advanced Access Content System (AACS) Licensing Authority confirmed that hackers have stolen “title keys” and used them to decrypt high-definition DVDs through flaws in DVD player software.

Both the title keys and a number of decrypted films have been posted on peer-to-peer Web sites for downloading and copying. The large size of the files and the high cost of writable hi-def discs make large-scale copying of high-definition DVDs impractical, but the attacks on the new format echo the early days of illegal Blu-ray discs and their competitor, HD DVD, use a blue laser to write and read the format.trafficking in music files, AACS spokesman Michael Ayers said on Thursday.

The hackers did not attack the AACS system itself, but stole the keys as they were exchanged between the DVD and the player to strip the encryption from the film. A large-scale failure of AACS could be a threat to the $24 billion DVD industry, which has started to cool and was counting on next-generation DVD sales to reinvigorate it.