Tiger Tips LogoDownloading music today is simple, fast and LEGAL! You can find vintage classics, 70s disco, European house and any other type of music of your liking. There are many Know which service will work with your iPod. Know which service specializes in independent artist and record labels. Understand which service you can recommend songs to all of your friends with. Well help you get the low-down on music downloading.

Todays Online Music Services
Now that music downloading has become legitimate and legal, you have several choices of online music providers to download music from. There are advantages and disadvantages to each provider’s services that you need to be aware of. The costs for each provider’s services are comparable and for the most up-to-date fees, check with each service provider. You can download songs using a dial up connection, but it will be extremely slow. With a broadband Internet connection, you’ll be listening to CD quality music – instantly! We’ll help you decipher what you can expect from some of the online music providers on the Internet today and choose the provider which best meets your music needs.

eMusic Download Manager eMusic®eMusic is the world’s leading digital retailer of independent music, second only to iTunes in number of downloads sold. The eMusic website offers a global catalogue of more than 1.7 million tracks from established and emerging artists in every genre from the world’s leading independent labels. eMusic gives consumers flexibility with an inexpensive, low-risk way to explore great new music they wouldn’t find otherwise, and unlike other download services, its universally compatible MP3 files play on any device including the iPod®. eMusic uses a download manager that enables you to download and organize your music library. eMusic does offer a free trial that requires a valid payment method to secure uninterrupted services after your free trial period has expired. eMusic accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and Carte Blanche. It also accepts debits cards issued by Visa and MasterCard. eMusic offers three subscription programs to choose from.

  • eMusic Basic – 30 Song Downloads per month
  • eMusic Plus – 50 Song Downloads per month
  • eMusic Premium – 75 Song Downloads per month

Downloads do not rollover from one period to the next. Your downloads refresh every thirty days at the same time of day that you signed up. This means that your downloads may refresh on a different day each month.eMusic is the only service that allows you to burn an unlimited number of CDs. You can also transfer music to any computer as well as any portable music player or digital device that supports MP3s (including the market leading iPod).

Apple iTunes Music Store Apple iTunes Music Store (http://www.itunes.com) iTunes offers more than 3.5 million tracks from all four major music companies. You can download single songs for a small fee. You can now purchase new and classic movies from and Disney films. TV Shows, audiobooks, iPod games and FREE Podcasts are available from iTunes. Enjoy 30-second song previews along with online radio stations and video streaming. Burn as many CD’s as you want or download files into the iPod (but not most other portable media players). The iTunes player is available free for both Mac and Windows. When downloading the iTunes Jukebox, be prepared for a large file download (35MB).

Napster Download Manager Napster (http://www.napster.com) offers several services for music lovers. First, Napster offers a FREE service. There are a few catches to this service though. You can listen to every track in Napster’s 2,000,000 song catalog up to 3 times for FREE. After the 3rd free play of any single track, you can either purchase the track or become a Napster subscriber. As a Napster subscriber, you can download an unlimited number of full-length songs to your PC, but you cannot burn the tracks to CD. As a Napster To Go subscriber you can transfer those tracks to your compatible portable player without paying a per track fee. Napster provides a list of compatible music players via its website. With its monthly subscription service, you receive…

  • Unlimited access to 2,000,000+ songs on your PC for one monthly fee.
  • Listen to an unlimited number of full-length songs while you are connected to the Internet.
  • Download an unlimited number of high quality music files to your PC and listen to them online or offline. Keep the music you downloaded for as long as you want to be a subscriber.
  • Members can also buy songs to keep forever to burn to CD or transfer to a compatible MP3 player. Members pay a reduced rate when they purchase multiple songs with Napster Track Packs.
  • You can access your Napster subscription on up to 3 PCs using the same user name and password.
  • Enjoy Napster’s 50+ commercial-free, interactive radio stations. Skip forward or back, look through all the songs on the station and download your favorites. You can also create your own radio stations based on music you select from your Library.

With Napster To GO you receive all the features of Napster’s Subscription plus you can transfer an unlimited amount of music to your compatible MP3 player. If you cancel your Napster subscription, you’ll automatically become a Napster Light member and the music you downloaded from Napster will no longer be playable at the end of your current billing period. Any songs you purchased will continue to play and are yours to keep. Napster requires you to download its proprietary software to utilize its service. Napster bills for its service via major credit card or paypal.

MusicMatch Download ManagerMusicMatch MusicMatch (http://www.musicmatch.com/) has long been known for its music jukebox software for creating and organizing MP3s. Built into MusicMatch Jukebox 10 (requires download), the MusicMatch Music Store features an extensive library of music you can purchase per track or per album. You can now browse their catalog prior to downloading the software. MusicMatch offers similar features to iTunes and Napster with more than 1,000,000 tracks to choose from. The Music Match Jukebox also incorporates a patent-pending software called MusicMatch® Music Discovery Engine. Input any artist name and the Music Discovery Engine will display the 50-100 most closely related artists. You’ll also get a list of each artist’s tracks in popularity order, so when you discover an artist you’ve never heard of it will take you right to the best music from that artist.

Rhapsody Music StoreRhapsody Music StoreRealNetworks, makers of RealPlayer and Listen.com also offer an online music service called Rhapsody (http://www.rhapsody.com/).With unrestricted access to over 1,000,000 songs and pre-programmed/customizable radio stations, this digital music service compares quite well in service to Napster. Rhapsody offers three different membership plans. The first is a free account. This allows you to share your personal music with others, even if they do not have the Rhapsody music player. You can also listen to Rhapsody Channels – music from any genre you choose, played with no interruptions. You can also access your membership and your music from any Web browser. Rhapsody’s second service is Rhapsody Unlimited. This service gives you all the benefits of a free account plus unlimited access to listen to any song you want from a library of millions of songs and thousands of artists. They also have a per song downloading fee which is nominal and the monthly service fee for Rhapsody Unlimited is comparable to all of the other services on the internet today. Its third choice of service plans is called Rhapsody to Go. This service encompasses all the features of Rhapsody’s Free and unlimited service and adds the feature “Transfer Music”. Transfer Music allows people who use Windows XP to simply click and drag a track to their MP3 player. Rhapsody also offers an additional feature to its Rhapsody To Go plan. You can Automatically Refresh Your Mix of Rhapsody Channels of favorite music, with no interruptions, and automatically give you a whole new mix every time you plug your MP3 player into your PC.

Virgin Digital Music StoreVirgin Digital (http://www.virgindigital.com) is the digital entertainment platform of the Virgin Group Ltd. Virgin Digital features a pay-as-you-go download Music Store. It also features unlimited music streaming and a music download subscription service called Red Pass. Commercial-free Internet radio, CD ripping/burning and portable device management tools. To access Virgin Digital Red Pass, the cost is again comparable to all of the other service providers online today. This allows you to download as many songs as you want. They also offer a per-track download fee and they sometimes give you a discount if you purchase the entire artist’s album. Virgin Digital supports a host of MP3 players, however it is not compatible with the iPod. To have the ability to burn CDs from Virgin Digital, you must purchase the track. Using the Red Pass service will only allow you to listen to tracks that you download. If you purchase a song from Red Pass, you can play it back on up to 3 computers. A major benefit of Virgin Digital is Free Music Insurance. This feature allows you to access and reacquire or re-license music you have purchased with the account that you are currently logged into. You are able to replicate your collection in the case of system failure or computer upgrade. You can also use it to keep the music library on several of your personal computers in sync with each other. You can also share your Red Pass account with other people.