ZEROtherms Butterfly BTF95 is a CPU heatsink that certainly stands apart from the crowd! An imagination-inspiring category of computer components, heatsinks often do not live up to the romantic visions conjured up when first considered. These essential parts of any modern computer are often not-very-glamorous combinations of fans, metal fins, and circuitry, all designed with a function-over-form intention to reduce heat build-up in processors and PSUs, and to accomplish that task as quickly as possible. ZEROtherm has taken a different approach to this niche-industry: they’ve brought style to heatsink design.

The ZEROtherm GX710 is a Graphics Card Cooler. No Butterflies, but still cool! It might seem counter-intuitive at first to try and spruce up the appearance of arguably the hardest working part of a good PC. But with the advent of popular clear sided or vented cases with significant visual accessibility, it has become increasingly important to the discerning PC builder that all the parts of his/her PC have some aesthetic redeeming qualities. ZEROtherm has done this by designing both their entry level and high-end heatsinks with the cosmetically conscious consumer in mind. Whether utilizing heat-fin shape in unique ways or just building quality heatsinks with major aesthetic quality, ZEROtherm has changed the way we look at heatsinks! If you find these girly, put them in your girlfriend’s computer. Or just choose one of the dynamic ZEROtherm designs not shaped like a butterfly.

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