Our Creative Director Dan Brown sits down with 3M to discuss their innovative line of privacy screen filters. These handy “screen-covers” provide privacy protection in high traffic areas by tilizing 3M’s privacy technology. There’s no blurring or distortion of on-screen data for the user, either. 3M manufactures these privacy filters in all sizes and fits for anything from stand alone LCD monitors, slim form models to cover laptop screens, and even covers that “privatize” your CRT monitor. These handy covers also protect fragile display surfaces from fingerprints and damage! So Watch. Listen. Learn! About 3M Privacy Filters!

But how do they work?
3M PF 19.0 LCD privacy filters keep confidential and private information confined to the screen. Using microlouver privacy technology to reduce the viable viewing angle of the monitor to little short of 90 degrees, 3M ensures that only the user directly in front of the monitor can see what’s on the screen. That’s right, passers-by only see a dark screen! These innovative products come in several different attachment systems, as well.

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