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Archive for March 5th, 2007 ↓

Video: Panasonic MX-7 Tri Band Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

The MX7 from Panasonic is designed for the mobile phone connoisseur who appreciates the higher performance model of the MX series. Its reliability never fails to impress! Above all, the MX7 is well loved because the ultra high-capacity battery provides Maximum Endurance. Accompanied by Bluetooth compatibility, it will always be a sturdy companion you can […]

Online Gamer Dies After Marathon Holiday Session

An obese 26-year-old man in northeastern China died after a “marathon” online gaming session over the Lunar New Year holiday, state media said on Wednesday. The 330-pound man from Jinzhou, in Liaoning province, collapsed on Saturday,

Vista Tip Of The Day: Using Your Mouse

The Latest Operating System from Microsoft, Windows Vista is truly ground breaking. Because it is specifically designed using 64-bit architecture, Vista stands ready to usher in the new age of high-speed, ultra productive computing. But where do you stand? We want you to know not only all about Vista, but also how to use it, […]