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Sr. Editor Don Cohen discovers the joys of wireless devices from Microsoft, and shares his experiences with the still-wired rest of us!I’ve written probably a thousand ads to get folks excited about owning a wireless keyboard and mouse. Freedom! Freedom! Creativity Unbound. Blah, blah, blah. Wretched headlines all. That’s because they were not borne of experience. You see, I’ve never used a wireless keyboard until about ten minutes ago, shortly after my colleague Ira Miller kindly showed me how to insert two AA batteries into the back of the keyboard; I’d already put the AAA batteries into the mouse. I plugged in the USB transmitter and I was ready to go – just like that!

The Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Keyboard 700 series is a great, inexpensive way to reduce clutter and go wireless in your workstation!Microsoft’s wireless optical desktop 700-keyboard/mouse combo has literally changed my life in only about 11 minutes! I’m typing with my back turned to my monitor while watching a couple of fetching females walk by. Freedom? You betcha! Here comes blogmeister, Lonny Paul, who wants to know why my desk looks like something out of Sanford and Sons. “My maid has a head cold, Lonnie – now go away; I’m writing a blog story.” Hell, I think I’ll see if I can work with this gizmo when I’m upside down. Hold on a second…

Oops, Lonny has hit the floor with a resounding thud. (Editor’s note: we are prohibited by law to photograph Lonny’s prone body, unless we store the images in a warehouse on Van Nuys Boulevard in the San Fernando valley)

The 700 Wireless Mouse is ergonomic and simple to functions just like a regular mouse except isn't tethered to your PC!Back to my tale of unbridled freedom. I’m just now finding out that the mouse on my Microsoft 700 has 3 big buttons. Two easy-click buttons flanking a nifty scroll wheel (I suspect that’s button number three). Boy does the wheel turn smoothly as I scroll up or down, depending where I want my mouse to roam.

Lonny just reminded me that this wireless keyboard and mouse should give me the freedom to work with less desktop clutter, not really a selling point with me, because I enjoy clutter. But just to please Lonny, I’ll try to become a minimalist version of Red Foxx, albeit a Jewish one, who is still alive. But that’s neither here nor there.

What is here (And there) Is the fact that the Microsoft wireless optical desktop 700 has a compact keyboard with keys that respond almost effortlessly to even a gentle touch. This is an extremely fast keyboard. As a veteran of scores of typing tests during my hey days as an itinerant temp, I can tell you that I’ve used a ton of nasty keyboards, probably a devious attempt by the agencies to make their tests more difficult. And the Desktop 700 is a Ferrari compared to those old horses and carriages.

Let’s read what Microsoft has to say about this nifty little wireless combo:

“Get the reliability you expect from Microsoft hardware at an extraordinary value – with the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700. This keyboard and optical mouse combine the freedom of wireless with the control of an optical mouse with scroll wheel. Plus, it’s easy to use – just plug in the receiver and start typing.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself (as I’ve clearly illustrated above).

The Microsoft Optical Desktop 700 wireless keyboard and mouse – you won’t know that you can’t live without it, unless you try it.

Gotta go – it’s time for my yoga class; I think I’ll bring the Desktop 700 with me!

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