The Fuji FinePix V10 Digital Camera has a huge 3-inch LCD screen on its ultra compact takes up the whole back of the camera!The Fuji FinePix utilizes Real Photo Technology, an on-board equipment technology that was first incorporated into Fuji’s camera line in 2005. The FinePix V10 is the first of this (2006) year’s new Fuji Digital Camera Lineup to feature the technology. Real Photo is not the only thing that sets this camera apart, however. The 5.1megapixel sensor is impressive, taking clear, quality prints that could fool a photog professional! Along with a 3.4x Optical zoom (remember, this is a ultra-compact Digital camera model), this itty-bitty Digi boasts a 3 inch screen! The bright LCD fills the ENTIRE back of the camera! Check out this Tigerdirect video blog as Logan walks you through this small but impressive digital camera!

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