The Western Digital MyBook Pro External Hard Drive Rocks!Although its not the largest drive out there, the 500GB My Book Pro Edition external hard drive from Western Digital stored more than enough data to house most multimedia collections. Style, storage capacity, and versatility define this hansom drive!

It’s buffed metallic molding fits nicely with high end PCs and some Mac laptops. It has a handy circular backlit design on the front, which is more than cosmetic: it lights up to show you how much hard drive capacity you’ve got left. Although this feature requires a driver to work, it makes an esthetically pleasing feature actually functional.

Another big plus of this particular external hard drive is its interface. It has USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and FireWire 800. The FireWire 800 connection generally tests to be the fastest. The hard drive even comes with cable connections for all three! These different connection options make the My Book Pro Edition one of the best options out there for backup, even main storage concerns in your PC. It also comes with an exceptional backup program to safeguard your data.

These great features are what won this Western Digital external hard drive a PC Magazine’s Editors Choice Award.

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