First Tesla Motors shook us up with their fancy electric car – now, it’s the time to meet the KillaCycle, a new all-electric motorcycle which is kicking butt and taking names – it’s been named the fastest electric vehicle of all time.

According to the report on CNET’s Green Tech Blog,

At a drag race in Chandler, Ariz., the bike completed a quarter mile in 8.168 seconds, breaking the six-year-old record of 8.801 held by Dennis Berube with an electric car for more than six years. The bike cranked it up to 155.87 miles an hour. Even more impressive, it hit this level of performance twice, on April 3 and April 4.

The bike is powered by 990 lithium ion cells from A123 Systems, a Massachusetts start-up that is also making batteries for General Motors. (A123 also makes the batteries for the Atlas Powered Rope Ascender, a device invented at MIT that can scoot a person 300 feet up a rope in about a half a minute.)

With the ongoing energy crisis and our depletion of non-renewable natural resources, everyone is getting in on the electric vehicle. With the widespread push for hybrid cars, running on a mix of fuel/power methods, what are you thinking about for your next car?

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