TigerTracksToday’s headlines contained a listing for an article from the Associated Content News Network which had a ‘tigerdirect’ reference, and it’s today’s TigerTracks feature!

Sometimes, though, you may already have a computer, and just need to upgrade it. For you, your greatest resource is TigerDirect.com. They carry nearly every computer part you could ever want, and at lower prices than even Wal-Mart, and especially less expensive than your local computer store or BestBuy. For example, a 320GB hard drive costs only $79.99 on TigerDirect, while WalMart.com asks for $159.98 for the same amount of space. For reference, a 320GB hard drive can hold over half a million high resolution pictures.

The article goes on to say, “Overall, buying computers is getting less expensive. Even those at Wal-Mart are fairly cost-effective (still not so much as those of Internet-based stores). For the best computer and computer accessory deals, stick with reputable Internet sellers, such as …. TigerDirect.