LCD Monitors for less than you'd expect! Choose Sceptre, Choose Tigerdirect!The 23-inch X23GV-Komodo HDTV LCD Display provides a spectacular widescreen medium for less than you’d think! And this flat panel display doesn’t skimp on the features either! With support for HD 1080i television signals and an actual native resolution of 720p, you’ll get the crispest, most spectacular imagery! There’s a true 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio and special Hybrid TV tuner so the X23GV can display NTSC/ATSC/and QAM television signals, right out of the box! Join TigerTV host Logan as he reviews this economic LCD!

This set features an 8ms response time and is loaded with connectivity options including VGA (for use as a computer monitor), S-Video, TV tuners, Component video, even an HDMI port, the all-digital connection now installed on all quality High Definition televisions! Get the high definition content, at the price you always dreamed of! Choose the 23-inch Sceptre X23GV Komodo HD LCD TV!

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