The future of phone! Linksys iPhone (not that iPhone) Dual-Mode Internet TelephoneThe Linksys Dual-mode Internet Telephony Kit Cordless handset provides convenience for Skype users. Connect the USB Base Station to your PC, and your Skype contact list appears on the Get cordless handset. Now you won’t have to sit in front of your computer when you want to talk to your friends. Join TigerTV host Jacia as she explores this new communication technology!

The Linksys cordless Dual-Mode Internet Telephony Kit comes with the handset, charger, and a USB Base Station that plugs into your computer. Dual-Mode capability lets you choose whether to make calls over a standard telephone line or with the Skype application running on your PC. Just select whom you wish to talk to from your contact list on your Handset, press a button, and get ready to talk!

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