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Archive for April 13th, 2007 ↓

CPU Wars: Intel stomping out AMD?

The microprocessor industry’s two primary players: Intel and AMD, constantly fight it out for market share – and this time, Intel seems to be getting the upper hand with their range of releases through the quad-core processor currently unparalleled by AMD. According to a Reuters report,

Intel had about 74.4 percent of the market for desktop, laptop and server processors, according to January data from Mercury Research, which estimated AMD’s share at about 25 percent.


So, who what will AMD pull out of their sleeve to get their engines going again?

Logan’s Deal: 19 inch LCD for under $120!

Logan’s on the prowl for good deals – and found this great I-Inc 19″ LCD for only $119.99*! Check it out!

Big Review:
Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000

Get the ultimate blend of comfort and performance with Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000. Its distinctive Comfort Curve keyboard lets you rest your hands more naturally on the keys, and its ergonomic, 5-button wireless laser mouse combines high definition performance, precision, and accuracy on your desktop for the first time ever. Join TigerTV host Jacia […]

Seagate Poised to Break the Terabyte (1TB) HDD barrier

Since Seagate began shipping 750GB hard drives in April of 2006, no manufacturer has released a drive that has hit the hallowed 1 TB (Terabyte) mark. However, Seagate has announced that it will begin shipping 1TB hard drives in the first half of 2007, and the drives will use perpendicular technology, which is increasingly allowing […]

Video Review: Acer Aspire L100 Mini PC

The Acer Aspire L100 boasts a modern design and intuitive layout to enrich your entertainment experience and seamlessly fit into your home environment. Easy manageability: The Acer Empowering Technology suite of smart utilities simplifies common tasks and system configuration. It offers uncompromising processor performance and hard disk capacity built on a compact desktop platform. At […]